Since 2005, I have delivered quality services to small businesses on the Outer Banks and in North Carolina, providing beautiful websites, effective digital marketing, and SEO strategies with tremendous value for my clients always a priority.

Web Development & Design

Visually stunning websites that look great and work perfectly on all devices and screen sizes ~ smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.

Do you have a new website in mind or does your current site need a modern design? With the vision that your business is unique and to set you apart from your competition, my design expertise will focus on enticing website visitors to learn more about your business and make contact with you. Websites I develop are extremely affordable to own, offer many digital marketing opportunities, and are convenient to update with new content so website visitors will stop by often to see what's new.

Featured Website Developments & Marketing Partners

I'd love to design the website you're looking for and help with your online presence!

Website Design, Digital Marketing, SEO

The landing page effectively markets both AQUA Restaurant and AQUA Spa in a clean, simple design so website visitors can quickly find their AQUA destination. I designed 3 new websites for them in 2011, refreshing them with a modern style in 2017.

Website Design, Digital Marketing, SEO

AQUA Restaurant's website design provides exceptional digital marketing by sharing their news in blog posts and on Google My Business, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Their fast loading menus receive a lot of valuable visits with my advanced and ongoing SEO strategies fulfilling Google Core Web Vitals.

Website Design, Digital Marketing, SEO

Like the restaurant website design, the AQUA Spa site provides the same effective digital marketing campaigns to reach their perfect and largest audience. I've configured multiple valuable SEO strategies on both websites that has Google crawling their sites multiple times a day. Ongoing SEO monitoring and updates keeps up with the ever changing Google algorithm.

Website Design, Digital Marketing, SEO

Bluewater Restoration's 10 year old website received an OBCS new design in 2012 as well as their first project post feed and social media presence. In 2020, I designed another new and refreshed site using a minimalism style. I've continuously enhanced their social media platforms and Google My Business presence. With my digital marketing and SEO strategies, Bluewater Restoration parted with mostly print advertising and has focused on a very successful online presence.

Website Design, Digital Marketing, SEO

I designed TRiO's original website prior to their 2011 opening and again with their concept change in 2016. In 2021, I developed a new refreshed design using a minimalism design approach with a single menus page that loads extremely fast and looks beautiful on mobile as well as large wide screens. TRiO's vast amount of news for both the restaurant and market is featured on the new website in easy to find sections. That same news is found on Google Search & Maps, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook.

Website Design, SEO

I developed this beautiful website design prior to Village Table & Tavern's opening with a dedication to its completion days ahead of schedule. SEO focused on local search for restaurants near Duck, NC, with some fierce competition to battle for placement. I continue to monitor and update their SEO based on Google Core Web Vitals.

More Featured Websites I Developed & Designed

I'd be honored to create your beautiful website!

Digital Marketing & SEO Strategies

for a Successful Online Presence

I offer exceptional online marketing strategies that, like my website designs, will help your North Carolina small business succeed on the web. With a focus on potential customers searching for businesses like yours, I'll develop very effective online visibility that is targeted to reach your largest audience. I provide marketing expertise and a friendly team environment where you can value me as your digital marketing partner.

Website Optimization

My SEO strategies drive quality traffic to the websites I develop helping my clients gain more customers. A site optimized for both mobile and local search is the focus I maintain in establishing the ideal solution for reaching potential customers and keeping current ones informed.

Google Presence

Become and remain important to Google with an enhanced optimized listing that is managed to keep all you want to share up to date. It's the quickest and most effective way to spread your news and also to know how customers find you. Online reputation management of customer reviews with the option to reply is another extremely valuable feature.

Centralized Social Reach

With so many social media sites available to use, it can be overwhelming to know where to dedicate your efforts. I understand each service's benefits so together we can create a social media strategy that's easy to manage, brings you more followers, and takes you little time to reach your largest audience.

As your online marketing partner, I will setup a convenient way to see all your insights to track what potential customers you are reaching and how they found you. Insights provide valuable information on how effective your online presence is, providing opportunities to improve and continously enhance it.

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I Know the Outer Banks and the Beautiful State of North Carolina

Living and working in North Carolina for 25 years helps my business succeed with digital marketing on the Outer Banks and all the way to Asheville.

"Understanding how things are done on our beaches and in our mountains, knowing how business follows a unique seasonal flow, is vital to my company's online success - and yours. While Google's and other media's approach is the same everywhere, North Carolina's and especially the Outer Banks' mentality matters a lot when marketing to locals and our state's visitors alike. That's why my digital strategies are more effective than out of state agencies that dictate all marketing with a cookie cutter approach. For decades, I have traveled from our beaches to our mountains, so I know how things flow and work well in North Carolina. I love sharing that expertise - so let me help your business too!"

"I received a Bachelor’s degree in Information Science with a Specialization in Networking & Communications from Christopher Newport University. Prior to working on my IT degree, I studied Art & Design with two specializations, Visual Design and Photography. Shortly after my move to the Outer Banks, I worked as an IT Consultant with Global Computers in Kill Devil Hills, later acquired by MABC. Once I had gained ten years of IT experience, I established my own business with the desire to expand on my talents. By 2010, I was providing many professional IT solutions to small businesses. I am honored to still be partnering with many of my first clients today and am always thrilled when new small businesses in North Carolina contact me."

"In my spare time, I'm having so much fun with friends, family, neighbors, and visitors, spending lazy days at the beach, listening to live music, and traveling whenever I can. My favorite hobbies are tent camping in the mountains of North Carolina and Virginia, attracting hummingbirds to admire, and photographing the beautiful moments I'm experiencing. I love the fall season on the Outer Banks most when locals have more time to visit with each other again as well as relax on our gorgeous beaches and at our fabulous restaurants, shops and other small businesses. Our state's amazing town of Asheville is my favorite place to be in North Carolina during the Outer Banks off-season."

"Thanks for visiting my website and reading about the extraordinary services my business offers other small North Carolina businesses like mine.”

Teresa Joyce, Owner